About DJ:

D.J. Sullivan has been directing and Teaching actors for over 40 years. Her students have included Tony Award winners Brian Stokes-Mitchell ("Kiss Me Kate") and Christian Hoff ("Jersey Boys") as well as Academy Award Nominee Annette Bening ("American Beauty"). As an actress D.J. Sullivan has appeared on such Television shows as "Murder She Wrote" , " General Hospital", Pensacola Wings of Gold", "Dallas", and "Beretta" . Her film roles include all four "Killer Tomato" movies, and she has worked with such stars as Jason Roberts, Angela Landsbury, Joan Playwright, Patty Duke and l Anthony Perkins. A 30 year S.A.G (Screen Actor's Guild) National Board Member, DJ also had the distinction of being The Regional Vice President for both AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and S.A.G. In The small, spare, 60-seat Swedenborgian Hall (interestingly, a non-mainstream church in its own right), The Sullivan Players are snaking through their fifth season. The production values are Spartan, but Sullivan has clearly focused her time and attention on making the play work on an emotional level. The actors are as committed as the characters, and they play their roles with earnestness and in some cases, passion.

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